Best Gig Apps for Workers in 2022

Connie Kolakowski | Jan 11, 2022

Gig apps are on the rise as workers everywhere are questioning traditional norms and outdated perspectives in the workplace. Modern-day workers desire more freedom, flexibility, and a faster way to make a quick buck, all of which have been proven possible to achieve through today’s gig economy.

A recent study projects that by 2023, over half (52%) of Americans will be active gig-workers or will have participated in the gig economy at least once during the course of their career.

The demand for gig workers will only continue to grow as a temporary, freelance, and on-demand jobs become more available. On ExtraHourz, a job search app, you can find various flexible gig opportunities in your area that fit in with your lifestyle. 

What is Considered Gig Work?

Gig work equates to any non-traditional type of work that is flexible and allows the worker to choose their work hours and who to work for, contrasting with society’s standard, long-term jobs. Gig work tends to be short-term work or project-based, where the work is only finished until the task assigned has been completed.

The reasons to participate in the gig economy are endless, including saving up extra money or covering gaps and changes in income. With the emergence of companies offering flexible, short-term, and other gig-related opportunities, workers can choose to do just about anything in their free time to earn money. Choosing an independent gig job with flexible hours over the traditional 9-5 job and still being financially stable is absolutely attainable and has become a reality for many Americans today.

Choosing the Right Gig App

Finding the right gig job for you depends on your level of interest and your ability to perform the work. Just like any other job, each gig will have certain requirements and qualifications that the worker must meet. For example, one may require that you have a reliable vehicle and drive it around while another requires that you have a specific specialized skill. However, all gig jobs are different, and with the vast amount of opportunities out there, you’re sure to find one that suits you.

When choosing the best gig apps to work with, here are a few factors you may want to consider:

  • A simple registration process: If you’re looking to start a gig job right away, you’ll want to find a gig app that guides you through registration quickly and easily. Keep any necessary information and documents nearby and ready to upload to help this process go by faster.

  • Your interests and skills: Most gig apps usually focus on one general scope of work. The downside to this is that you will need to assess a few apps before selecting the best one that piques your interest and matches your skill level.

  • The pay: The payout is typically one of the top priorities when deciding to move forward with a job. Some gig apps allow you to get paid instantly, while others make you wait until some time has passed to collect funds. Depending on the type of gig you work, some gig apps even allow you to receive tips. Decide on the gig that supports your financial goals and the amount of pay you’re looking to make.

  • Good customer support: With technology, it’s very common to run into unforeseeable issues such as glitches or other technical difficulties. Not only could these problems be inconvenient, but they could also create obstacles for you to complete your work. Finding an app that has great customer support could make or break your experience working gigs.

Best Gig Apps in 2022

For those of you who are curious about joining the gig workforce or simply just interested in learning more about the vast opportunities available, we’ve created a diverse list of which we believe to be the best gig apps to try in 2022. Each has their own distinguishing concept and are considered to be one of the top apps in their specific industry. Take a look at our list of the best gig apps you’ll find this new year.

Delivery service gig apps

Food Delivery

Not only has on-demand food delivery service become one of the most widely advertised and popularized gig opportunities, it’s also relatively easy to get into. The 2019-2021 pandemic caused instability in jobs all over the country, compelling people to look for work that they could rely on, including on-demand delivery services. A perk of working as a food delivery gig worker, drivers can receive tips on their orders, giving them the opportunity to make even more money. 


Grocery Delivery

In contrast to food delivery services from restaurants and other food establishments, on-demand grocery delivery services allow workers to get paid to shop and deliver groceries from local grocery stores. As an Instacart shopper, you can decide when you’ll be available to work and start delivering groceries straight to people’s doors.


Mail/Package Delivery

On-demand mail and package delivery is also on the rise as Amazon opens the door for gig workers to join their team. With Amazon Flex, drivers need to have their own reliable vehicle to deliver Amazon packages. As an Amazon Flex driver, you work when you want to, reserving time blocks when you’re available to work. You can plan your schedule in advance or by day. According to the Amazon Flex website, drivers can make up to $18-25 per hour, but pay can vary depending on where you live, the tips you receive, and other various factors.


Pet-Care Gig Apps

Are you an animal lover? You can make extra money by dog walking, pet sitting, boarding, grooming, training and more. Create a profile and advertise your services through these pet-care gig apps:


Specialized Skill Gig Apps


You may have some kind of skill or talent that you could teach online. Through Skillshare and Udemy, you can become an online instructor and post courses on subjects including graphic design, web development, business, photography, music, creative writing, art, and more.


Manual Labor

If you’re a handy person and are good at doing home repairs, moving or assembling furniture, outdoor projects, home or office cleaning, and other kinds of home and manual labor, consider these gig apps to help you make money helping others and doing something you’re genuinely good at:


Ridesharing Gig Apps

You’ve probably heard of and even used ride-sharing apps before. Working as a rideshare gig driver, you could make extra money on your own time by driving people where they need to go. All you need is a reliable vehicle and mobile device that can access the app and GPS for directions.


Short-term Rental Gig Apps

Home rental

Popular home rental apps like Airbnb have expanded opportunities for property owners to rent their space to guests looking for a place to stay or vacation. Airbnb is available all over the U.S. and in other countries. If you have a home you can rent out or have the ability to invest in an extra property for rental purposes, Airbnb is a great way to make passive income. However, you don’t need to have a home to be a host on Airbnb. Airbnb also offers local experiences including tours, excursions, bike rides, hikes, and more! Earn some extra money offering fun experiences and showing off your city to tourists who are looking for activities to do in your area.


Car/RV Rental

Rent out your car or RV when it’s not being used. You’d be surprised how many people are looking to rent a car in your area and don’t want to go through normal rental companies. If you’re worried about insurance coverage and vehicle protection, these car/RV rental gig apps have their own policy to cover you as a host. 


Product Review & Online Survey Gig Apps

Product Review

Brands are looking for your feedback and help to build better products and services for their clients. You can get paid during your extra time with Usertesting just to share some of your thoughts and opinions. 


Product Testing

Companies want their products to be valued and able to sell. With gig apps like producttube, users can test products and share their honest opinions. Producttube rewards users that make short videos reviewing the products that they buy and consume. The videos are helpful for market research purposes so that products can be improved and pushed out into the market with a better understanding of what consumers are looking for.



Online Surveys

Opinions are valuable. Take advantage of companies that conduct online surveys and get paid, earn free gift cards or other incentives to complete surveys from the comfort of your own home.


Sell Your Own Products or Crafts

If you’ve ever sold any of your used items before, you have the skills to start a side hustle selling online. There are several types of sellers on these online marketplaces including furniture flippers, DIY crafters, used item sellers, digital artists, and more. Some of the most popular gig apps to sell your own used items, products and crafts include:


With the plenty of jobs offered by the gig economy, there is more opportunity for people to make extra income at their convenience. Companies are becoming creative by offering gig workers unique ways to earn money with the flexibility to do it on their own time.

At ExtraHourz, workers are exposed to different types of flexible jobs that either want to hire independent gig workers or W-2 employees who still have the flexibility of a gig worker. By downloading the ExtraHourz app, you can view the diverse list of flexible jobs all in one place so you don’t have to jump around from one app to another finding the right match. Remember, take all factors into consideration when choosing the right one and we hope you enjoy the gig experience!