AI Assisted Recruitment

A New way to Connect

Transform the way you hire and capture better qualified candidates using artificial intelligence. Our advanced AI assistant works for you, engaging in the real conversation and providing a seamless application experience from start to finish

Hire faster

Save the time chancing applicants who wont answer your calls and allow AI to handle your recruitment process with speed and attentiveness.

Hire smarter

Improve your hiring process by giving your candidates accesses to an advanced and convenient way of applying for your open position.

Hire effectively

Automate the application experience to free your time and all or technology to filter through ,finds and schedule interviews with your most qualified candidates. Produce no show rates with automated interview reminders.

Text to Apply

Your personalized text to apply code sends candidates to your career page where that can apply for any of your available position. Advertise this code in store or online to increase traffic to your jobs.

Don't have a career page? We will create one for you?

Each open position can be linked to a virtual assistant who will guide applicants through the application process.

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User Experience


View business career page


Apply for an open position


Engage with the virtual assistant chatbot


Schedule an interview


Virtual Assistant

Our Virtual Assistant Chatbot is ready to free your hands and assist you with various recruiting task so o talent acquisition team can focus on other important assignments.


Engage your candidates through friendly , smart conversation, making the entire application experience simple and smooth.


Filter out your candidates with customizable pre-screening questions and find the most qualified talent for your position.


Score each candidate according to their answer using a pass or fail system.


Invite passing candidates to schedule an interview with you based on your availability and view all coming interview in our Google Calendar.

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