About ExtraHourz

We connect businesses with hourly workers on an on-demand or ongoing basis. ExtraHourz provides users the flexible option between gig work and traditional employment. Business owners can hire staff based on their needs, such as an increased event-based demand, higher delivery day expectations, unanticipated staff shortages or long term employment. Job Seekers can control their own work schedule by making themselves only available when they can and want to work. With our platform, we give businesses the capability to create an environment of a fully staffed business with satisfied workers, which in turn will return great services to their customers.

We are empowering our users to dictate their own needs and create economic opportunities for all members of our society. We create jobs!

Our Mission Statement

We exist to create flexible entrepreneurship opportunities to those who are typically undeserving by today’s job boards. We provide entry-level skilled, hourly workers the freedom to build their own independent income sources away from their primary jobs and push to them additional income opportunities provided by businesses nearby.

We are committed to provide business owners with the ultimate staffing solution (for urgent, temporary, long-term, or an as-needed basis) from an organically vetted community of hourly entrepreneurs.

Our Values

Our values help us to (1) deliver a simple solution for skilled, hourly workers to access nearby jobs that accommodate their lifestyle or other priorities and (2) provide a simple solution for business owners to meet traditional, urgent and demand-based hiring needs.

Commitment to Users

  • Trustworthy: Having responsibility to maintain a healthy synergy with users is our utmost priority over profits.
  • Utilitarian: We provide a simple, elegant solution that is accessible to even the least digitally-savvy user.
  • Protective & Secure: We do not sell any user data submitted to and housed within our platform.
  • Reliable: We aim to be efficient, reputable and responsible in our relationship with our users.
  • Convenience: We provide a simple location-based interface for searching and posting hourly and/or shift based nearby job opportunities.
  • Certainty: Job Providers know that their shifts will be filled, while Seekers know that they have a reliable place to find immediate income opportunities. Job Seekers know exactly how much they will make and when they will be paid.
  • Transparency: Job Providers and Job Seekers have clarity regarding job requirements, shift times, locations, and reviews.

We value your feedback. It helps us improve and deliver quality services to you, our customer, in the most responsive, efficient, and professional manner.
Contact us anytime at info@extrahourz.com.