The ExtraHourz platform connects businesses with hourly workers on an on-demand or ongoing basis. A smart job matching platform incorporating AI assisted application and automatic interview scheduling to enhance modern day hiring experience

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Versatile Platform

Job Providers can choose to hire gig workers (1099) or employees (W-2) for on-demand shifts or long-term employment. For urgent staffing needs, businesses can hire workers immediately


Intuitive Hiring

Make an offer, accept the offer, and schedule the job quickly and easily through the app. Our built-in functions allow you to hire conveniently at the click of a button.


Smart Communication

Interview applied Job Seekers through our in-app video/audio function (coming soon). Communicate directly with Job Seekers using our in-app call or chat system.

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Post a Job

Hire W-2 employees or contract a gig worker

(Gig platform coming soon)

  • Source candidates from multiple job boards.
  • Drive high traffic to your job with job sponsorships.
  • Simplify the recruitment experience using AI
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AI Assisted

Simplify hiring by using artificial intelligence. Streamline
and automate the entire recruitment process.

  • Text to Apply
    Receive your own exclusive code and number to attract more quality candidates
  • Virtual Assistant Chatbot
    Engage your candidates using a faster, more effective communication system and save time
  • Automated Interview Scheduling
    Allow or virtual assistant to screen applicants and schedule interview for you.
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Applicant Tracking system

Our Applicant Tracking system is your one-stop shop for managing your hiring process - from sourcing, to interviewing, to hiring.

  • Automated interview scheduling to save your time and sanity from no-shows.
  • Optimized job ads and sourcing from indeed, Craigslist, and more.
  • Video cover letters help you pre- and screen and show you the person behind the resume.
  • Final scoring for candidates matching your specific criteria.
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Flex Shift Scheduling

Stop over-staffing during slow hours, Post flexible shifts based on your business demands and ley yo employees choose shifts according to their availability.

  • Save on Labor Hours
    Stop overstaffing employees during hour when you’re allow and save your money.
  • Fill Urgent Shifts
    Allow your employees to cover any urgent of last minute shifts.
  • Experience Better Retention
    Give employees the flexibility to choose their work hours.
  • Tap into a New, Larger Labor Pool
    Attract candidates who value flexibility and are available for shorter shifts. (i.e. moms, students, and those looking for second jobs.
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Industries We Serve

Delivery Driver


Restaurant Staff


Event Staff


Food Production


Office Staff


Commercial Cleaning


Retail & Merchandising


Catering Staff



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