Let’s Think Big. Gig-jobs Don’t Have to Require Transportation

Dear Job Seekers:

Are you trying to supplement your income, but are challenged with the ability to do 2-3 part-time jobs which often conflict with other priorities in your life? Do you wish you could grab some side jobs or few more shifts, so you can earn extra money to spend on Christmas gifts, attending your friend’s wedding or planning a weekend getaway? Do you want work-life balance with your current jobs? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, ExtraHourz has solutions for you.

Your problem is not having lack of jobs near you. In fact, if you enter a job board site such as Snag, Indeed, Monster.com or Craigslist, you will find many jobs posted by local businesses that match your work experience. However, the real challenge is finding a job that can offer flexibility you desire. Your next best alternative is gig jobs with transportation-requiring companies like Uber and DoorDash. Uber drivers and Dashers report to work only when there is a demand for their assistance, and they must want to work that assignment. This type of work arrangement is also known as on-demand staffing, which is gaining popularity in this modern digital era where everything is done on digital platforms. However, Uber-like gig jobs are limited to those of you who have a car or don’t mind driving for extra income. Even if you are a gig-minded, technology savvy person, without a car, you simply cannot work these jobs. Could you then find some non-transportation requiring gig-jobs on Indeed.com or Snag? You will find that choices are very limited.

ExtraHourz wants to change that. We are an on-demand location-based software platform which connects users (job seekers and job providers) based on their immediate staffing needs and availability. Business owners can hire staff based on actual business requirements, such as increased event-based demand or delivery days, extended or unanticipated staffing shortages. Here, location-based means that you will find jobs near your location, sometimes within walking distance. You can control your own work schedule by making yourself only available when you can and want to work. These jobs no long need be transportation-requiring gig jobs. You can work any jobs on a temporary or short-term basis that fit your experience and availability. You may grab some extra shifts while you are in between jobs or simply if you want to earn extra income without giving up your primary job or committing to a 2nd job.

You don’t need to feel your job choices are limited any more. We want to empower you with knowledge and tools necessary to achieve work-life balance you’ve always wanted. Let’s think big and explore together!


Truly yours,
Kaylynn Kim, Esq.