How ExtraHourz is shaking up the traditional hiring process

Extrahourz is an on-demand location-based software platform which connects users (Job Seekers and Job Providers) based on their immediate staffing needs and availability. Business owners can hire staff based on actual business requirements, such as increased delivery demand, staffing shortages, and overtime management.

Today’s Job Seekers want flexibility. Businesses want consistency.ExtraHourz aligns with the instant gratification lifestyle of the modern gig economy worker. Therefore, it keeps businesses optimally staffed, while giving workers the satisfaction of working “when, where and how you want”.

We offer an engaging one click mobile experience. Features such as one-click job apps, automated scheduling via calendar, and location based availability differentiate us from other job posting platforms.

Our goal is to provide real Return On Investment in forms of convenience, certainty, and transparency to users in one convenient space.

ExtraHourz’s proprietary features include:
(1) Instant match between Job Seekers and Job Providers
(2) One-click easy interactions between users
(3) Easy navigation though the platform
(4) GPS tracking of Job Seeker’s actual location
(5) Instant payment option via PayPal

We are committed to provide business owners with ultimate staffing solutions from an organically vetted community of hourly entrepreneurs.

Job Providers can post urgent shift or jobs offered to local Job Seekers and rate them when the job is complete. With ExtraHourz, businesses can tap into a pool of local talent (gigs or employees) who are eagerly ready to work.

#GELE (“jelly”)
Jon Kim