Best Non-Slip Work Shoes for Restaurant Employees

Connie Kolakowski | Mar 31, 2022

In the restaurant business, grease, food, water, and other liquids often spill onto the dining room and kitchen floors. It’s safe to say that restaurant workers are nearly always exposed to floor hazards. According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), over 3 million food service employees get injured from slips and falls each year. Wearing the proper safety shoes could prevent accidents and injuries.

We know that shoe safety is a must, so we looked into several shoes taking into consideration many factors, including the features each shoe has to offer and their customer reviews. Below you’ll find our list of the best non-slip work shoes in the market. 

How to Choose the Best Non-Slip Work Shoes

Due to the various hazardous situations that can arise from working in a restaurant, employees are almost always required to wear non-slip shoes as part of their uniform. Of all the different options to choose from, we took it upon ourselves to find the best non-slip shoes for restaurant workers. We based our decision on the factors below.

Factors you should consider when choosing non-slip work shoes include:

  • Comfort Level: Inevitably, servers, hosts, cooks, managers, and other restaurant employees are constantly working on their feet for most of the entirety of their shifts. Without a comfortable shoe, it may be difficult to get through a long shift. Look for shoes that offer arch support to balance your weight evenly and allow for some wiggle room around your toes. For greater comfort and foot support, soft insoles with memory foam or anti-compressive qualities will keep your feet from feeling the pressure of your body weight after a long day.

  • Durability: A long-lasting shoe will be made of quality materials. It’s important to find a pair that will last through frequent wear without falling apart. It may be worthwhile to prioritize the shoe’s durability over the price and invest in quality shoes because a shoe built to last can prevent you from having to buy a new pair.

  • Water and Stain Resistant: Liquid spills are almost unavoidable in the restaurant industry. Along with durability, employees should consider finding shoes with material that can withstand spills and be easily cleaned. Being presentable at work is always an advantage and finding shoes that stay neat will have you looking sharp on the job every day.

  • Strong Grip: We’re on the topic of non-slip shoes, so it’s necessary to talk about a shoe’s grip capabilities. Under the shoes, ensure that it’s made of a soft rubber material and look for a tread pattern such as hexagons or circles. These tread patterns should be designed with channels that allow water and liquid to escape underneath the shoe so that there’s maximum grip and friction with the floor, preventing slips.

10 Best Non-Slip Work Shoes for Restaurant Employees

There are quite a bit of non-slip work shoes in the market today, so we understand how difficult it could be to find your perfect pair. We’ve done the research for you and gathered the 10 best non-slip work shoes for men and women based on reviews, popularity, and the factors listed above.

  1. Dansko Professional Black Patent

Price: $130

Best For Comfort and Durability

Gender: Unisex Design

These unisex clogs are made with a patent leather material and made with a variety of designs and colors. Their padded interiors are intended to keep your feet comfortable while walking and standing for long periods of time. If you get your Dansko Professional Black Patent work shoes dirty, don’t worry. Because of the specific outer material, it’s made with, they come with simple care instructions where you can easily wipe clean any dirt, dust, and spills with a damp cloth.

Where to buy: Dansko Professional Black Patent

  1. Dansko XP 2.0 clogs

Price: $145+

Best For Long-Lasting Comfort and Durability

Gender: Unisex Design

Made with the intent to improve the original Dansko Professional collection, the Dansko XP 2.0 clog comes in a variety of colors and different outer materials, such as waterproof leathers, making these shoes a durable choice. The Dankso XP 2.0s come with an anti-fatigue rocker bottom and memory foam padding for maximum comfort so that you feel your best even at the end of your shift.

Where to buy: Dansko XP 2.0 Clog Line

  1. Croc Bistro Clogs

Price: $55

Best For Multi-Use

Gender: Unisex Design

With foodservice and hospitality workers in mind, Croc’s Bistro Clogs were designed to provide serious comfort and support to get you through even your longest shift. These clogs are light, quick to slip on, and secure your feet with their iconic strap at the heel area. They’re easy to clean with just soap and water and are made with thick material to help protect your feet from spills.

Where to buy: Croc's Bistro Clogs

  1. Birkenstock Professional Slip Resistant Work Shoes

Price: $80+

Best For Grip

Gender: Unisex Design

Birkenstock’s collection of professional slip-resistant work shoes is a popular pick among chefs and kitchen workers because of its strong grip even on the messiest of kitchen floors. A top choice in this collection among long-term employees in the food and beverage industry is the Profi Birki shoe. Its comfortable shape and build promote a proper heel-to-toe motion during every step. It is oil and grease resistant and the entire shoe, including the footbed, is washable.

Where to buy: Birkenstock Professional Slip Resistant Shoe Collection

  1. Snibbs

Price: $135

Best For Variety of Casual Shoe Styles

Gender: Unisex Design

Made in styles for both men and women, Snibbs work sneakers are 100% vegan with long lasting robust materials. Unlike the other shoes listed above, Snibbs work sneakers are versatile and come with adjustable lace options.

Where to buy: Snibbs Work Shoe Collection

  1. Skechers Sure Track - Trickel for Women

Price: $100

Best For Simple, Relaxed Style

Gender: Female Design

Key features of this shoe include an oil and slip-resistant outsole, electrical hazard safe design, memory foam padding, and a roomy fit. With close to 5 stars on Skechers’ website, customers who have purchased these shoes say the shoes have lasted around a year or more of frequent wear and relieve pain and swelling in their feet.

Where to buy: Skechers Work Relaxed Fit: Sure Track - Trickel

  1. Skechers Flex Advantage - McAllen SR for Men

Price: $95

Best For Breathable Material

Gender: Male Design

The Skechers McAllen slip-on shoes are fashionable men’s shoes created with a mesh, breathable outer material, and a memory foam insole. Similar to the women’s Skechers shoes, they’ve been created with a slip-resistant outsole and are electrical hazard safe. Because of the relaxed design, they could also be worn casually outside of work.

Where to buy: Skechers Work Relaxed Fit: Flex Advantage - McAllen SR

  1. Dr. Scholl’s

Price: $45

Best For Odor Control

Gender: Unisex Design

Dr. Scholl’s work shoe collection is practical and comes in neutral colors that are guaranteed to be appropriate for any restaurant worker’s uniform. In addition to its slip and oil resistant material, Dr. Scholl’s line of work shoes have special features that control odor with breathable vents and memory foam insoles to keep your feet cushioned.

Where to buy: Dr. Scholl's Slip Resistant Work Shoes

  1. Sanita Clogs

Price: $111+

Best For Slip Resistance

Gender: Unisex Design

In the Sanita Clogs collection, you’ll find certified slip-resistant shoes for women as well as unisex styles. Sanita maintains a principle to create shoes that are made with quality and are simple, yet ergonomic in design.

Where to buy: Sanita Certified Slip Resistant Work Shoes

  1. Merrell Jungle Moc

Price: $110+

Best For Foot Support and Shock Absorption

Gender: Unisex Design

Available in styles for men and women, Merrell Jungle Moc work shoes are a highly recommended choice among restaurant workers. You can adjust the settings to find features that suit your work environment including waterproof, electrical hazard protection, slip resistance, traction, and insulation.

Where to buy: Merrell Jungle Moc Work Shoes 

Bottom Line

Regardless of whether you work in a large restaurant or a small food establishment, as an employee of the restaurant business, you’re guaranteed a long day on your feet and around hazardous, slippery floors. Finding the most comfortable and safe shoes that complement your style ultimately will prevent you from accidental injuries in the workplace.

Now that you’ve got a list of the best non-slip work shoes, pass it along to your restaurant staff, coworkers or friends looking for proper restaurant footwear. If your favorite didn’t make the list then tell us what it is and why you like it so much and we’ll consider including it in the future.