How To Get Hired for the Holiday Seasons

In-person job interviews are slowly becoming a way of the past. In our new gig economy, your ‘digital’ resume usually has been seen by an employer before you even walk in the door. If you have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, think of the perception that you have presented, and trust me, if it has been seen, think of the message that it has delivered to your perspective employer.

In addition, more and more, ratings impact significantly how we present ourselves and conduct business. Most shoppers consult ratings and reviews while they are shopping and are now reading high among the top factors impacting purchasing decisions and now hiring decisions.

In hiring, there is a lot to be said for having lots of ratings and reviews, specifically positive ones. They help drive job providers to you. Jobseekers who don’t feature ratings and reviews will most likely lose job opportunities to another candidate.

With the ExtraHourz app, it affords you a great opportunity to present yourself, your resume, and your reputation to be selected for more jobs. You might ask how? Let’s take a look. It all starts with your profile.

Look at the profile below. What is your first reaction to this candidate’s profile? Let me tell you what I see as an employer.

1) Ratings – when you take in consideration Quality of Work, Attitude, Timeliness, and having an overall rating of 5 stars, it says a lot about him as a person and a candidate for a job. I would hire him immediately!
– Never be a No Show, it will negatively impact your overall rating.
– After each job, ask how you did, ask for recommendations of how you can improve, and ask for a five star rating for the work that you did.
– Always strive for five stars!

2. Job Experience – in this new gig economy, many job providers take into consideration your number of jobs you have worked in the past, but definitely their decision will weigh heavily on your job experience. If you’re applying for a cook job, do you have somewhere in your job experience that you have been a cook? The more information that you can provide relevant to the job you are applying for, the better and faster the job provider will make a decision on you as a candidate.

3. Photo – do you come across as a positive, committed, and a well-groomed person? Make sure you put your most professional photo up on your profile. Also, make sure you are the only one in the photo. In addition, think about your background for the picture. You might want to show yourself as a cooking, bartending, waiting a table, etc. to communicate the jobs you prefer.

4. Profile completeness – The more information that you provide to a job provider, the quicker he or she can decide on your application. Not filling out ‘Reliable Transportation’, ‘16 and Over?’, ‘Availability’,, or ‘Best Time to Contact’, may cause a job provider to move onto the next candidate.

Other factors to consider outside of your profile:

1) Responsiveness on job notifications. In this gig economy, and especially in the Extrahourz space, many employers are looking for job seekers for jobs that start in 2 to 3 hours. Job seekers, who respond quickly after being notified, usually are the first to be selected.

2) Social Media. – How are you presenting yourself on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Many employers will go out to these sites and look at how you represent yourself, and factor them into their hiring decision.

3) Reputation. – What is your reputation on previous jobs that you’ve held before? When you’re applying for jobs that are nearby, job providers typically know those who are very good and will put them at the top of their selection list. Keep your reputation strong and positive and you will definitely improve your odds.

Hopefully, you will embrace these small pieces of information and improve your odds of being selected more often. Update your profile today!

Happy Holidays from ExtraHourz!

Gale Brown