ExtraHourz’s Programmatic Approaches with Staffing Challenges

Whether the business is small or large, business owners still face the challenges of short staff and high turnover rates in the food and beverage (F&B) industry. One of the most effective ways to overcome staffing challenges is utilizing the right job boards that give the hiring managers flexibility to hire according to the needs of the restaurant and the type of workers they are looking for. The reality is that there are not many job boards out there that deliver what they’re seeking.

Most job boards focus on filling in permanent positions rather than helping with staff shortages or on-demand based hiring needs, which may require instant and temporary staffing solutions. Furthermore, they heavily focus on resume-based employment opportunities which may not be the type of work F&B workers are looking for. Such resume-based hiring solutions create mass inefficiencies for hiring urgent entry-level temporary roles. By the time a hiring manager has sifted through piles of resumes, the shift may be done (or the manager is working the shift already). In addition, hiring manager relying on entry-level and common skilled workers often encounter communication issues with the exiting and/or potential workers. Lastly, job posting on job boards can be very costly.

ExtraHourz approaches the F&B industry with programmatic solutions rather than the One-Size-Fits-All approach. We empower users. ExtraHourz is modeled after behaviors commensurate with today’s modern digital consumers: location-based, one-click, immediate and transparent. It allows users to be active participants in the job creation and search process. Hiring managers can quickly fill urgent staffing needs with nearby workers who are willing and able to work the shift without committing to a traditional employer-employee relationship. Such independence enables users to participate anytime without relying on anyone or anything else. It provides a seamless digital communication portal in which users can communicate without having to speak with one another or looking up contact information. Users can simply push their actions via one-touch click features in the mobile app: offer, accept, confirm and cancel/modify jobs. Job Providers can view and track actual locations of workers. Both users can provide comments on job environment, performance and areas of improvement.

It is ExtraHourz goal to provide a platform that delivers tangible value, which is derived from convenience, certainty and transparency, to its users. Job Providers and Seekers will feel confident that their work arrangements will be satisfied in one central space. It helps reducing time and costs of sourcing talents, lowering negative impact of high turnover, creating a community of organically vetted independent workers, and alleviating frictions in communications.

Truly yours,
Kaylynn Kim, Esq.